Nicholas/Madeleine vignette

I just found this in my Google Docs folder and wanted to share. Brief, G-rated, attempt at humor. Nicholas/Madeleine.
Takes place after the events of Death of the Necromancer-- the end of Nicholas and Madeleine's stay in Adera. I didn't cut it because it's so short; let me know if I should.


"Honeymoon's over," Nicholas said incautiously as he surveyed their belongings all packed into trunks, and immediately repented of it: she still hadn't addressed his offer to marry her.

She threw him a look from across the room. "I suppose," she said.

"My offer stands, by the way," he said coolly.

"What offer?" she tossed back, sitting on the end of one of the trunks and fanning herself.

"To get married," he said.

She stared at him for a long moment, then looked away, rolling her eyes. "Wouldn't that be a ridiculous thing to do?"

"Why?" he asked, stung.

She gave him an incredulous look. "Do you actually want me to?"

He crossed his arms over his chest. "Why don't you want to?"

"You think I need that?" she asked. "You think I'm so eager to become a Valiarde?" She must have seen something in his face, because her expression went blank for a fraction of a moment before she adopted a false-melodrama expression. "I'd have to change my name. My career is all under Denare."

It was pointless, Nicholas thought, to become offended by this. He had been joking. Hadn't he? She hadn't really meant to refer to his unfortunate ancestry. She certainly hadn't intended any disrespect to his mother. And she hadn't said anything he hadn't said a hundred times. "I suppose," he said. "It would complicate things." Why was he offended? It bothered him that this bothered him.

"You should take my name," she said.

"Except you hate the Denares," he said. "You've never even introduced me."

She sighed. "This is true. Maybe we should just both take another name."

"I can't have Alsene back," he said. "I told the Queen I didn't want it."

"Oh damn," she said dryly, "my fondest ambition, dashed."

"Like we need that kind of attention," he snorted.

"We get plenty," she said.

"The Queen offered to marry me," he said suddenly. "She didn't think she was too good for me."

At that Madeline sat straight up. "She what? When did this happen?"

"Just after Doctor Octave was killed," Nicholas said, somewhat satisfied at the shock on her face. "When Fallier took me to the palace. When the Queen heard who I was she said she might be required to marry me for dynastic purposes."

Madeline frowned. Nicholas managed not to smirk at her obvious discomfiture. "And you turned her down?"

"Of course I did," Nicholas said, allowing himself to sound ridiculously smug. "I could never be unfaithful to you, my darling."

"You're an idiot," Madeline said.

"Besides," Nicholas went on, frowning seriously, "she was far too young for me."

Madeline threw her shoe at him.

just for kicks

It's been a while. Here's one I found in a forgotten Google Doc in my "random" folder. It hasn't been quite long enough since I last read these books for me to go back and "rediscover" them, but I will soon. :)

A (for me, very short) short, featuring a teenaged Tremaine vs. her father. PG-13ish for language.

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Thanks for reading!

Ask for Ile-Rien stories in Yuletide!

Hi all, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up that the Ile-Rien books have all been nominated for the annual Yuletide rare fandoms challenge. This means that if you sign up for Yuletide, you could ask for an Ile-Rien story with characters and optional details of your choosing! And you can sign up to write someone else an Ile-Rien story, too. :-)

Sign-ups for the Yuletide challenge are closing tonight: you have until 9 pm US Eastern Time today (that's Monday 10th).

There's no guarantee you'll get an Ile-Rien story, or get to write one - it all depends on how you get matched up. You write one story for Yuletide and you get one story, but you can offer as many fandoms to write in as you want, and you can ask for up to four fandoms. If you have three or more other rare-ish fandoms you would like to write for or read a story in, I would highly recommend participating in the fun.

If you're wondering what Yuletide is, or you've seen people talk about it but aren't quite sure what it's about, here's a place to start: Yuletide For Newbies, or, what is this yuletide thing anyway?

Questions welcome! Just keep in mind that I'm not in the US timezone, so by the time 9pm Eastern Time rolls around I'll be long in bed, and you'd better ask the official Yuletide mods or the #yuletide channel on IRC. :-)

quick hit-- short story review

Not fic-- working on some, not done yet-- but I just wanted to nudge everyone here to let them know that Black Gate 12 is out with the last in a series of 3 Giliead/Ilias Before Ile-Rien stories that she did for Black Gate. (They're in issues 10, 11, and 12, if anyone didn't know.)
These stories are great because they give you more background on what Gil and Ilias were like before all of it started. Fabulous resources for anyone wanting to write stories in Cineth or the surrounding areas, and especially anyone interested in their youth and childhood.
So, anyone who didn't know-- this one's great. It's titled "Houses of the Dead". Giliead is 17, and Ilias 'a couple of seasons older', and it's a story referenced within The Ships Of Air-- one of the ones Tremaine knew the punchline to, because, creepily, she'd written it in a play.

And it sure is a creepy story.

Other stories in each issue have proven to be good reading as well, incidentally, so I personally feel my 1-year subscription was totally worth it. I won't renew if she's not publishing any more stories in it, but it's a great institution and none of the stories are duds.

I have a more detailed review of the story on my own LJ if anyone's interested-- no spoilers for the event, but spoilers for the scenario if you don't already know it, if you care about that kind of thing. I reviewed the other two stories but I'd have to go digging since I never got the hang of tagging my entries. (D'oh.)

YAY an Ile-Rien community! I shall immediately post fic!

I have had this fic languishing on my hard drive for over a year now I think because I didn't know anybody else who was into Ile-Rien fanfic.
OK wow, more like two years-- the last time I even opened the document was October of 2006.

I have a few more nearly done but I never polished them since I was only writing them for me.

marthawells linked to the comm today (with a disclaimer that she never reads it, which makes me feel a little better about torturing her characters). So I'm really glad to find this place. I've been hopelessly addicted to writing for years now but have just gone through a really stressful period over the last year or two and haven't been writing much, so I'm trying to get back into it, and this might be just what I needed.

I have a few Ile-Rien icons I made too, but nobody really gets them so I seldom use them. Now I can use them here! Yays!

Anyway. Uh, maybe I shouldn't start off with something so explicit, but, er, it's what I've got. It's... kind of what I write.
Rated a high R, for smut. Just a simple gap-filler, written out of my mild frustration that she never has any smut in her books. Mayybe you are noticing a theme about me. Nice way to introduce myself, right? Oh well, I never was good at first impressions.

This is a gap-filler in The Ships of Air, just after the return of Our Heroes to the Ravenna from the Maton-Devara. (I'm trying not to have any spoilers in the intro, though it may be safe to assume everyone here has read the whole thing? There are spoilers in the piece itself, sorry, no way to avoid that.)

It's long, sorry-- I write long.
Ilias/Tremaine, Ships of Air, rated high R for explicit het, no other warnings
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Dunno, I'm tired and apparently hungry and incoherent. 8D;; So this is what I did instead of feeding myself. Because I'm brilliant like that. And the comm looked lonely. So.

Title: charred flesh of my heart
Word Count: 918
Summary: Florian, after.
Rating: Idk, pg? I fail at rating things. And titles. I fail at titles.

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to ilerien, a community devoted to anything even remotely related to the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy!  Feel free to post whatever, just as long as it relates to the books written by Martha Wells.  This includes the books not set in Ile-Rien, although that is the main focus of this community.

And to get things started, some Tremaine/Florian fanart:

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Please forgive the drabness.